"War and Holocaust" provides a comprehensive account of Nazi rule in Germany and the war which brought about its downfall. Drawing on the latest research, this exclusive Tavaana translation demonstrates how the Nazi Party propagated a totalitarian system and developed the genocidal policies that culminated in the Holocaust.

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Tavaana has released its exclusive Persian translation of "Innovation, Prohibition, and Hermeneutics" by renowned Egyptian intellectual Nasr Abu Zayd. The book calls for innovation in not only religious discourse but also in politics and society.

 We're proud to welcome satirical cartoonist Mana Neyestani to Tavaana! Mana is launching a new, weekly cartoon series called "Moderation Place," a satirical response to the Rouhani presidency's pledges of "moderation." You will also regularly find Mana's stand-alone political cartoons - all exclusively at Tavaana!

Each week, Tavaana features one of the hundreds of exclusive interviews, case studies, translations, and other resources we make available to Iranian civil society. This week: Al Masry Al Youm.

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- Delbar, Separation of Religion and State course graduate

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