The letter of Gohar Eshghi to President Trump

Dear President Trump,
I, Gohar Eshghi, mother of Satar Beheshti who was murdered by Kamenei’s agents, greet you.
And by greeting you, I greet the American people.
And by greeting you, I declare that we Iranians love Americans as well as all people of the world.
I personally apologize from every single American for years of chanting of “Death to America” by Iranians.

I apologize to myself, my conscience, for years of intellectual regression that I and others like me have been inflicted with.

We were deceived by Khomeini, Khamenei, and the regime’s clerics.

Many like me have been deceived by corrupt and immoral clergy whose hands are tainted with blood and their pockets filled with a nation’s wealth and blood money. And yet, they invite us to be patient, to endure.

I, without any reservation announce that we were wrong when we sided with the regime in chanting “Death to America”, “Death to U.K.”, “Death to Israel”.

I, in the final stage of my life have evolved enough not to hate anyone, not to seek revenge or death for my son’s murderers. Many times I have said that if my son’s murderer comes to my house as a guest, I will host him and treat him as such.

Seven years ago, before my eyes, Khamenei’s agents dragged my son out of our home and took him to a briefing station. Three days later they returned his corpse to me. His only crime was that he was a blogger talking about the social issues. He had but a handful of followers.

Over the past seven years I have reached out to every conceivable resource, from Khamenei himself, head of judiciary, government officials to members of parliament, to ask not for vengeance or blood money for my son, but for an open and fair court of law to look into my son’s murder. To find the reason for my son’s murder and identify those responsible for this crime. All my efforts have fallen on deaf ears.

Dear President Trump, you may ask yourself why am I writing this letter to you rather than Khamenei, the person responsible for my son’s murder. The answer is simple. To me Khamenei is no more than a corpse. He has been dead for decades. He died when he lied to Iranians, when his hands got tainted with the blood of the children of this land. Khamenei has no ties or allegiance to Iran or Iranians. His allegiance and his devotion is to his ideology. An ideology represented by his turban. A turban drenched in blood and deceit.

I want you to know that August, 23rd is my murdered son’s birthday. After much pondering, I wondered if Americans are heartbroken and disappointed with Iranians for years of chanting “Death to America”. Chants by misguided and deceived people like myself.

By sending this letter to you, I want to tell Americans that we, the people of Iran are prisoners of Khamenei and his regime. That we bear no ill will towards you or anyone else for that matter. That we count the days for this regime’s demise. That we are friends of Americans.

This letter is written by an elderly mother who lost her sole breadwinner. A mother who has been wearing her black mourning clothes for seven years.  And this mother extends her hands of friendship to you and asks you to extend her greetings, her message of friendship to all Americans. Please tell them that GoharBeheshti loves all peoples of this world and only wishes death for Khamenei’s regime and diseased ideology.

Dear President Trump, I have an idea, a suggestion, a request. An idea for friendship. I would love to dedicate my son’s life and memory to the friendship between our two nations. And to commemorate it, I ask of you to declare August, 23rd, my son’s birthday, as the day of “Friendship” between our two nations. I wish to have the serenity before I pass, in knowing that my son’s life was not taken in vain. Such beautiful title, August 23rd, SatarBeheshti’s birthday, the day of friendship between people of Iran and U.S.A.
With utmost respect,

GoharEshghi, SatarBeheshti’s mother.



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