Demand by Fourteen Civil Society and Political Activists in Iran For the Resignation of the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and For Amendment of the Iranian Constitution

Fellow countrymen and women,
For years, social and cultural luminaries and civil society activists have given heart-wrenching accounts in the search for structural and fundamental changes to the social, political, cultural and economic order of the Islamic Republic of Iran. In their speeches, narratives and thoughtful and innovative analyses, these compassionate and patriotic activists, whilst warning the Islamic Republic authorities, have repeatedly urged them to respect the peoples' vote, to take advantage of emerging political opportunities whilst obeying civil law with a humanitarian view of international norms, to take action toward changing their current methods which are worlds away from the desires of the Iranian people, and to reform the deficient and barren bedrock of the Islamic Republic. The authorities have also been urged to capitalize upon, and benefit from, democratic exemplars and norms, lest Iran regress and collapse into the trap set by Ali Khamenei and his deputies; alas, to no avail.
Throughout these many destructive years, our educated and patriotic friends have tried time and again, using the most altruistic civic engagement practices, to deter the heads of the Islamic Republic, and in particular the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, from their ruinous, larcenous and deviant ways. Lamentably, these activists have been imprisoned in the most brazen and bitter manner, only to be killed or severely maimed.
The woeful history of the past 40 years demonstrates that not only is there no accountability to the Iranian people, but the ruling order insists upon its deviant and irredeemable ways, and on the cult of personality. The alteration and expansion of Article 110 of the Iranian Constitution, governing the scope of powers of the Supreme Leader, especially Articles 112-113, 176-177, is a testament to these allegations.
For example, under the Constitution the people must choose the two governing powers, the executive and legislative branches. But, due to the arbitrary expansion of the Leader’s powers, including the authority to hand-pick malleable members of the Guardian Council, parliamentary elections have become subject to the whims of the Supreme Leader. As a result, Parliament and nearly all of its members are now safeguarding for preserving the Supreme Leader’s powers. If the President legislates a single petition for additional oversight, the Parliamentarians swiftly declare, “Not only does the President lack power, but we the Parliament too.”
We believe all signs point to the existence of a President and a Parliament as mere “facilitators”, and that the people cannot aspire but to choose leaders that are putty in the hands of the Supreme Leader.
As described, and in contradiction to the first law of the Iranian Constitution, there is no “Republic” and there is no freedom! Not only do the Iranian people lack a role in the selection of the heads of key branches of the government, but negotiations would be fruitless without the resignation of Supreme Leader Seyd Ali Khamenei, and the amendment of the Iranian Constitution, especially Article 177. Thus, although the constitutional rules and regulations appear to support the people in Chapter III “The Rights of the Iranian People”, they have been abandoned by the unaccountable authorities, and relegated to the realm of the forgotten.
Nevertheless, we live in a country blessed with natural resources and a wealth of human capital. All of these riches are in the process of destruction. In the opinion of the undersigned, the time is ripe for the people, activists, intellectuals, and sympathetic luminaries of Iran to set aside self-interests that have paved the road for the destruction of Iran’s culture, civilization, and wealth. We urge them to speedily participate in demanding fundamental change to the Constitution, and to explicitly demand the resignation of the Supreme Leader Seyed Ali Khamenei who daily expands the scope of his undeserved power – and to be pioneers in the advancement of this national movement.
With great hopes that these altruistic demands can build a nation,
Free of the votes and ideas of despots;
Free of a rubber-stamp Parliament;
Free from an indifferent government;
Free of a subservient judiciary;
Toward a just and civil society for the people of Iran.
This movement is a national, non-aligned movement. We expect freedom-loving and Iran-loving compatriots to aid us without an eye toward personal enrichment or benefit, and with full awareness of the urgency of this historic moment in this momentous age.
The undersigned do not aspire to any specific cause or agenda and present this movement and national aspiration to the Iranian people so that all of us, with an iron will, rising up to gain our legitimate rights, may free ourselves of systematic oppression and unaccountability.
With hopes for the freedom and triumph of the Iranian people,
1. Gowhar Eshghi (Mother of Sattar Beheshti)
2. Hoorieh Farajzadeh (Sister of Shahram Farajzadeh, victim of 1388)
3. Mohammad Karimbeigi (Father of Martyr Mostafa Karimbeigi)  
4. Hashem Khastar
5. Mohammad Mahdavifar
6. Mohammad Maleki
7. Javad Laal Mohammadi
8. Mohammad Nourizad
9. Mohammad Hossein Sepehri
10. Abbas Vahedian Shahroodi
11. Kamal Jaafari Yazdi
12. Reza Mehrgan
13. Mohammadreza Bayat
14. Zardosht Ahmadi Ragheb

Asset Category: 
Publication Year: 
2019 / 1398



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