Employment Opportunities

Tavaana is Hiring for the Following Position(s):

Persian Language Tech Experts

Project Coordinator

In addition to this open position, Tavaana is always interested to receive applications from freelance consultants in the following fields: translation, editing (English and Persian), curriculum design and development, research, graphic arts, video production, animation, and more.  Interested freelancers should please send a cover letter, CV, three work samples and references to brittany@eciviced.org


(Persian Language) Tech Experts 

The E-Collaborative for Civic Education seeks Persian Language Tech Experts with honesty, integrity, and strong work ethic. ECCE's mission is to leverage technology to promote democracy and human rights internationally. ECCE's flagship project, Tavaana, is an e-learning institute for Iranian civil society. Its companion project TavaanaTech expands Iranians’ digital literacy, digital safety and Internet freedom while bringing consistent focus to civic uses of technology for propelling movements for democracy, human rights and social justice.


  • Website maintenance for both Tavaana and TavaanaTech
  • Creating, editing, and publishing timely tech resources and web content
  • Providing organizational tech support as well as support to Tavaana users through the Help Desk
  • Managing and making recommendations for ECCE’s overall uses of technology, website updates and new features


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Persian language fluency
  • 3-5 experience with the Iranian technology world, particularly digital safety needs
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Interest in Iran, issues of civic education and civil society are highly desirable

To apply:

Email brittany@eciviced.org with “Persian Language Tech Expert” in the subject line, including the following:

  • Cover letter (detailing exactly why ECCE and this particular position is right for you)
  • Resume (including GPA and relevant coursework)
  • Work samples
  • 3 references

Project Coordinator

The E-Collaborative for Civic Education (ECCE), a 501c3 nonprofit organization based in Bethesda, MD, seeks project coordinator(s).  ECCE’s mission is to leverage technology to promote democracy and human rights internationally. ECCE’s flagship project, Tavaana, is an e-learning institute for Iranian civil society. 

Honesty, integrity, and a strong work ethic are musts.

Responsibilities include:

  • Grants management and donor reporting
  • Tracking of production pipelines for civic education curricular resources
  • Monitoring of technology analytics and project performance metrics
  • Project design, proposal writing and development strategizing
  • Financial and administrative support
  • Management of consultants and interns


  • BA degree (MA preferred)
  • 2-5 years relevant internship or employment experience
  • Demonstrated attention to detail
  • Strong writing abilities
  • Finance/budgeting experience is a plus
  • Comfort with using technology. Knowledge of HTML, Photoshop, experience with a CMS, and/or experience with social media management highly desirable. Willingness to learn is a must.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Interest in Iran and issues of civic education and civil society is highly desirable
  • Persian and/or Arabic language fluency (including reading/writing) is a plus but not required
  • Working knowledge of US government grant rules and regulations is beneficial but not required

To apply:

Email brittany@eciviced.org with “Project Coordinator” in the subject line, including the following:

  • Cover letter (detailing exactly why ECCE and this particular position is right for you)
  • Resume (including GPA and relevant coursework)
  • Writing sample (2 pages minimum on a professional or academic subject relevant to ECCE’s work)
  • 3 references

ECCE offers a salary commensurate with experience and a competitive benefits package including full health and dental coverage and a retirement savings 401(k) plan with a generous employer match. ECCE is an equal opportunity employer.

This is a full-time position located in Bethesda, MD. Applicants must be legally authorized to work in the United States and must be located in the Washington, DC area or able to relocate. Only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted.

Tavaana's Internship Program

Tavaana internships are an exciting opportunity for those seeking careers in social change to work at the nexus of technology, education, and democratic development. Working side-by-side with staff and in-house experts, interns meaningfully contribute to dynamic, fast-growing projects that address some of the most pressing civil society issues in the Middle East, and especially in Iran. Tavaana interns share ideas and actively participate in the development of new projects and initiatives. Interns are often promoted to paid positions.

Based on your interests and particular set of skills, Tavaana will consistently provide you with challenging and energizing work. Over the course of your internship, you will be given substantial assignments that require you to leverage skills developed in the classroom while gaining new skills, contacts, and a greater understanding of civic education, social media, civil society, human rights, and Iran. You will learn about the inner workings of an NGO through first-hand experience working on programmatic assignments. In a typical day, you may be asked to research a case study on democratic transition, write an abstract for a new translation of an influential text, or – depending on your Arabic or Persian fluency – translate a short text.

Who should apply?

If you are a rising college senior, recent college graduate, or a graduate student with a passion for human rights, democracy, civic education, and/or the role of technology in social change, you should apply for Tavaana's internship program.

The following are attributes of a well-qualified candidate for this program:

  • Interest in Tavaana's mission;
  • Superb writing, editing and research skills;
  • Proven work ethic and willingness to take initiative;
  • Creativity;
  • Ability to take instructions and work with minimal supervision;
  • Conscientious, professional attitude;
  • International experience is a plus;
  • Second language (Persian or Arabic) is desirable, but not required; and
  • Proficiency in Adobe Suite, HTML/CSS and/or Drupal is a plus.

What you can expect to gain from the experience

You will gain highly sought-after skills at a small but highly dynamic, fast growing NGO. During your internship, you will work on substantial, thought-provoking assignments and will work in close proximity to our staff, providing you with opportunities for learning and growth. Tavaana interns attend events in Washington, build networks, and gain new skills through practical experience. When making hiring decisions for new consultants and staff, Tavaana has always looked to interns who have shown promise and passion during their internships.

Location, start date, and duration of internship

You can apply to complete your internship with Tavaana at our Bethesda, MD office or – if you reside outside of the Washington, DC area – through a virtual internship. Preference will be given to applicants who are available to work in the office. The internship applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and interns must be able to commit to a minimum of 12 hours/week.

How to apply

To apply, submit an application to Brittany at brittany@eciviced.org that includes the following:

(1) Your resume with GPA;

(2) A one-page cover letter explaining your interest specifically in Tavaana; and

(3) An English language writing sample that demonstrates your writing, analytical, and research skills.

Please include the subject heading: [Your full name]: INTERN APPLICATION.



Get it on Google Play

If you do not have access to Google Play download the Android APK file below ( Android 4.2.2 and higher). 



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