Ann Elizabeth Mayer: "Islam and Human Rights"

Tavaana's exclusive Persian translation of Islam and Human Rights features a new introduction by Ann Elizabeth Mayer that analyzes the state of human rights in Iran since the election of President Hassan Rouhani. 

The book is a probing examination of how the Islamic tradition has been exploited for political ends by regimes and institutions seeking to legitimize policies inimical to human rights. Challenging stereotypes about a supposedly monolithic Islam inherently incompatible with human rights, Mayer dissects the political motives behind the selective deployment of elements of the Islamic tradition by forces seeking to delegitimize demands for democracy and human rights.

The fifth edition provides an updated consideration of government policies on Islam and human rights activism and how they are affecting developments in several Middle Eastern countries. The new edition also analyzes recent critical issues, including the burgeoning pressures in the Middle East for human rights leading up to the Arab Spring; the ambitious campaign of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to influence the UN human rights system by forging alliances with non-Muslim states hostile to human rights; the intensifying controversies over issues of sexual orientation and gender identity in the Middle East; and the Danish cartoons controversy and the OIC project to co-opt international human rights law to criminalize “defamation of Islam” occurring in the West.

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