CIVITAS: “The Role of the Citizen”

This exclusive Persian translation of the Center for Civic Education curriculum explores the responsibilities and rights of citizens, as well as forms of civic participation, including civil disobedience and citizens’ role in the policy process. Designed to be used by educators, this translation provides the pedagogic tools to explore concepts of citizenship and its duties and to learn what good government in a constitutional democracy requires of its citizenry. This curriculum also delves into the different meanings given to the concept of rights, differences of opinion on the existence of certain rights, and the historical origin and evolution of the concepts of individual rights. Through "The Role of the Citizen," learners can also analyze situations in which individual rights are in conflict with each other and with other important values, and compare how different forms of government treat human rights issues. Finally, learners can explore citizens’ responsibilities to promote human rights, learn the various forms of political participation available to them, and identify the costs and benefits of alternative forms of participation, with a focus on civil disobedience and participation in the policy process.


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حالا که بنزین گرون‌تر شده و فقیر فقیرتر، بد نیست این سخن محمد جواد ظریف رو دوباره به خاطر بیاریم که گفته بود: "ما…
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