DanChurchAid: “The ABCs of Advocacy”

The ABCs of Advocacy

In the past decades, human rights and democratisation have been on the political agenda of most countries in the world. However, despite formal democratic reform, decentralisation and other measures taken to narrow the gap between state administrations and citizens, large population groups remain excluded from political and economic development processes.

Even where states have specifically created opportunities for citizen participation and influence, certain groups, particularly the impoverished and the discriminated, have either been too alienated to engage in the processes or when they have, they have been silenced or unable to speak the ‘right’ language.

This manual, published by DanChurchAid and translated exclusively by Tavaana, provides a tool for marginalised or discriminated groups, and the civil society organisations that work on their behalf, to advocate for the equal rights and opportunities of all citizens, regardless of their gender, religious or ethnic belonging.

Source: DanChurchAid

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