Elham Asghari, Iranian female swimmer’s message "I will not submit to bullying!"

Elham Asghari is a professional Iranian swimmer whose new record is not being recognized by Iranian authorities on account of her attire. She says she will not submit to bullying by the government and asks freedom loving social networks for their solidarity. The text of her message is as follows:

No swimmer is willing to swim in these clothes for even five minutes. Swimming with these on leaves me with  injuries all over.

In Noshahr, I swam 20 kilometers. After bargaining with [the authorities], my record ended up being for only 15 kilometers. I complained, and they agreed to make it 18, but now they won't even record it. 

I had the proper clothes on that day. I have seven witnesses.

I swam from the women's beach. There weren't any men there. Now they're saying my clothes didn't conform to Sharia law.

People who can't swim even 20 meters are now holding my 20 kilometer record hostage. I've had some hard days and nights. I can't believe this is happening. To all of you who have sent me loving messages, I thank you.

I'm not going to submit to bullying, and I ask you not to submit either. I ask you to give your utmost effort to achieve your goals.

Because swimming isn't just for men; we women are here, too and we have something to say!

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