How to Build a Good Small NGO

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This comprehensive training manual provides basic information for starting an effective non-governmental organization (NGO) and keeping it running successfully. As the authors state, “our goals are to help you to build best practice into your NGO; to recognize and fix problems.” The exclusive Tavaana translation of the entire manual begins with a discussion of how to define the organization’s vision, principles and strategies. This is followed by chapters explaining in a clear and practical manner how to best identify problems and needs; plan and build the organization’s structure; staff and manage the organization; carry out monitoring and evaluation processes; obtain legal status; and learn about “best practices” in the NGO’s area of concern. Essential information about fundraising, budgeting and financial monitoring is also provided.

The manual is written in a simple, down to earth style. The ten authors who collaborated to produce it work in or with NGOs of various types around the globe. The sections on budgeting and accounting come from Mango, a registered charity located in the United Kingdom that provides support in financial management to NGOs and offers free online resources. Illustrations drawn from actual experience and tips on how to avoid common problems round out the information provided in this highly useful guidebook.

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