International IDEA: “State of Local Democracy Assessment Framework"

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The local level is often the entry point for people’s political participation and representation. The State of Local Democracy Assessment Framework enables citizens to periodically monitor the health of their local democracy using a universal framework. A democracy is healthy to the extent that its local institutions, processes and practices in place are based on (and reflect) key democratic principles and values.

The role of citizens is fundamental for the continual improvement of the performance of democratic institutions, and for the very survival of democracy. Consequently, efforts to build democracy and engage in genuine social transformation require institutionalized mechanisms to capture and structure citizens’ perspectives on, aspirations for and visions of their democracies.

It is important to recognize that the quality of democracy within a country may differ from one subnational level to another, and from one municipality to another. The ability of assessments to explore the particularities of democracy at the local level is important, not only for deepening democracy at the local level, but also for informing strategies to broaden and deepen democracy at the national level.

This Tavaana-exclusive translation of International IDEA’s State of Local Democracy Assessment Framework consists of three main parts: principles and mediating values, the pillars and search questions, and a description of how to develop an assessment.

Source: International IDEA

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