Mir Hossein Mousavi’s daughter: “They slapped us in the face and wanted us to strip naked”

Mosavi and Rahnavard

A visit by Mir Hossein Mousavi and Zahra Rahnavard’s children to their parents on the occasion of Eid-e Ghadeer (October 24, 2013) gave way to extreme tension and bitterness when the agents guarding the couple subjected their daughters to unprecedented outrages and insults, striking them on the side of the head in full view of their parents.

Nargess Mousavi, when announcing the news on her Facebook page, requested that everyone read and disseminate the following text:

Here is Nargess Mousavi’s message:


What you read now are some of the events which took place during our Eid-e Ghadeer visit with our imprisoned mother and father.

On Wednesday October 23 (1 Aban), agents from the security forces contacted us and informed us that we would, for this one time only, be able to join our mother and father for lunch. Of course, this meeting came instead of freeing them and explaining why they had been illegally held for close to 1,000 days.

Our visit was to last two and a half hours, from 11:30 to 2 P.M.

The visit took place in the presence of two female agents, who went by the fake names of Maryam and Sara (one of their real names is Mojgan Nazemi, born in 1983 [Iranian year 1362]). One of these agents had unashamedly insulted my father while he was in the hospital. She did this despite the fact that my mother had treated this agent like her own child, giving her presents every Eid [holiday].

So, at this agent’s request, we spent the whole visit at an Intelligence Ministry safehouse located alongside my parents’ house on Pasteur St. This was to make sure that we took nothing out of their home… that we didn’t transfer anything out of “Akhtar Prison” illegally [Mousavi and Rahnavard live on Akhtar Alley]. We were then met with a bizarre and filthy demand by this prison guard.

We couldn’t believe it at first, but she unabashedly repeated her demand, even saying she wanted us to take off our underwear.

To try and describe her treatment of us defies basic human decency. After refusing to take off our underclothes, she attacked us and smacked both my sister Zahra and myself in the ear with a great deal of force.  As I was trying to grab her hand to keep her from attacking us any further, she stopped acting like a human being and bit my entire wrist like a wild animal. I’ve attached a picture of it to this message.

Source: Kaleme

She kept on attacking us, and when we called out for Mr. Foroughi (the person in charge of the guards), he apologized but gave us no explanation for their immoral behavior.

The entire time this was taking place, my father could hear the sounds of this treatment and these wild assaults from behind the bars of the kitchen in the house overlooking the safehouse. Unfortunately, my mother bore witness to our violent treatment at the hands of the security agents.

There were pictures taken of the chief of the guards during this clash, which I will release to you all as necessary.”

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