6. Reserved Rights of Prisoners

In this session we address the reserved rights of prisoners, which are predicated on the aims of rehabilitating and generally reforming prisoners, as well as preparing them for a successful return to society. While the law establishes incarceration as punishment, thought is also given to preserving the reserved rights of prisoners. Measures foreseen by the law for the protection of these reserved rights comprise:

1.    Provision for essential needs. On the basis of the fact that, in deference to prisoner rights, humane considerations necessitate that punishments which deprive liberty also allow inmates to meet their essential needs.

2.    Treatment of prisoners. Ill prisoners ought to be examined and treated, and newly-entered prisoners ought to be subjected to a total medical examination (per moral principles of medicine ratified by the general assembly of the United Nations regarding the rights of prisoners.)

3.    Mental health support for prisoners: For purposes of mental health support for prisoners, prevention of depression and anxiety, and protection of their reserved rights, opportunities for leave, meetings with others, communication, and telephone contact with family ought to be provided for.

4.    Employment of prisoners. The aim of providing work to inmates in prison is to reform and train them in preparation for their return and accustomization to a life in normal society.   

5.    Education and nurture. Vocational training, scientific and professional learning, preparation for participation in cultural, artistic, and athletic groups, and the nurturing of thought are the most important principles in the conduct of methods of training and reform in prisons.

6.    The right to petition to qualified authorities regarding agents and officials. In the matters of insult, violation of privacy, and torture (with reference to instances of torture.) Further into the session these reserved rights will be considered relative to political prisoners and prisoners of conscience.




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