6.Organizing Voters and Issue-based Advocacy Instructor. Mehrangiz Kar

This session examines the fundamental problems, threats, and risks involved in issue-based advocacy at the time of the election in Iran. Over the past thirty-eight years, the Islamic Republic in Iran systematically opened up the public space in the lead-up to, and during, the time of every election, and it closed the public space as quickly as possible upon the end of an election. Students, thus, learn how to optimally use this short window for issue-based advocacy purposes by taking advantage of the experience of the past thirty-eight years.




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RT @USAdarFarsi: پیام نوروزی مایک #پمپئو: نوروز مهمترین جشن ایرانیان است. از طرف مردم آمریکا، گرمترین آرزوهایم را برای همه کسانی که #نوروز…
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آموزشکده توانا، #نوروز را دگرباره به همه ایرانیان شادباش می‌گوید. نوروز یکی از پایه‌های بسیار مهم هویت ایرانی است… https://t.co/WQeOGZfvak
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Kenya in the 1970s was in midst of environmental decline via deforestation. In response, Green Belt Movement counte… https://t.co/Z5JaOk5pPw
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Sushyant Band performs on Tajrish Square, #Tehran, but there’s a twist. Money in the case isn’t going to them. Inst… https://t.co/PFtVx0SxTv
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#نوروز شما پیشاپیش شاد و فرخنده باد! به امید آنکه سال جدید، سال به بارنشستن تلاش تاریخی ما ایرانیان برای بدست آورد… https://t.co/nyU97zrwhv
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