8. Abstract Rights of Prisoners II

In this session -the second part of our investigation of the abstract rights of prisoners per the new Islamic penal code - we’ll discuss and consider methods of assessing and implementing punishments, the issuing of orders of punitive exemption, postponement, and suspension, systems of partial and conditional freedom, punishments alternative to incarceration, and commutation of sentences. Methods of assessing and implementing punishments speak to the fact that incarceration commences with final actionable sentencing. In the case that an individual is detained before the issuing of a verdict on accusations in his or her file, the period of his or her previous detention applies retroactively. Of course for crimes designated seventh and eighth degree, an order of immunity may be issued in the case that a waiver is authenticated such that the court determines that the criminal may also be reformed without the enforcement of punishment,  without a precedent of effective punishment, with the permission of the plaintiff, and with provision of restitution. Besides the issue of exemption from punishment, sentence postponement and punishment suspension are foreseen in the law. Systems of partial freedom, conditional freedom, and punishments alternative to incarceration have likewise been considered by legislators. A regime of conditional freedom in regards to conviction has been designated. A court may issue a sentence of conditional freedom at the suggestion of a judge or prosecutor and in accordance with legal stipulations for those condemned to terms of 10 years after half of the designated time has been served; for the remainder of cases, after a third of the sentence has been served. Alternative punishments comprise parole periods, unpaid public service, punitive daily criticism, and deprivation of social rights which can be confirmed and enforced with the permission of the plaintiff and existence of considered mitigating factors such as the type and nature of the criminal act, incidental effects of the crime, age, skill, situation, personality, criminal record, and the state of the victim and other parties. Further into the session these thematized matters will be taken up as the second part of our investigation of abstract rights as they relate to political prisoners and prisoners of conscience, while referencing matters of sentence commutation.



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