Farid Afghanzai

Mohammad Farid Afghanzai teaches “Achieving Free and Fair Elections” at Tavaana. He is currently the Senior Technical Advisor for “Free and Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan,” FEFA. Most recently, he served as Chief of Strategic Relations at the Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan and prior to that he was a public prosecutor at the Attorney General’s Office of Afghanistan. A renowned civil society and human rights activist, Afghanzai has represented Afghanistan at numerous international conferences and symposia during his twelve-year long involvement in Afghanistan’s electoral institutions. He holds a bachelor’s degree in law and political science from Kabul University as well as an MA in management and public policy from Washington State University, USA. He is the founder of the first Centre for Leadership Research in Afghanistan. Afghanzai has extensive taught and researched on various subjects concerning elections; from electoral management, electoral systems, to standards of free, fair, just and inclusive election. 



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