Attacks on the Press in 2013: Journalism on the World's Front Lines

Attacks on the Press analyzes conditions for the news media in more than 100 countries across the world, charting advancements and documenting new dangers. Front-line reports and analytical essays by CPJ experts cover an array of topics of critical importance to journalists. Governments store transactional data and the content of journalists' communications. Media and money engage in a tug of war, with media owners reluctant to draw China's disfavor and advertisers able to wield surprising clout. In Syria, journalists are determined to distribute the news amid the chaos of conflict. In Vietnam, the government makes a heavy-handed bid to bring the Internet under control. And globally, eliminating witnesses has become an all too easy method of stymying justice when journalists are assassinated.

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یک عکاس به نام فرحناز خلیلی در روستای بوالخیر بوشهر، پس از عکاسی در یک مراسم عروسی، از صاحب باغ به اتهام «تجاوز» شک…
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