Blogging, Web Publishing, and Creative Activism with Network Security

This course, taught by veteran journalist and media management expert Mehdi Jami, improves the skills of civic minded Iranians already producing web content. The course builds the ability of activists, citizen journalists and community volunteers to more effectively engage their networks, while raising their digital hygiene. Participants will focus on both technological and journalistic precautions for maintaining their safety while investigating, reporting, posting and networking on the public second life and and on political affairs.

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Course Outline:

  • Principles of blogging, social networking and website management
  • The power of new media, its risks and constraints
  • Using the Internet to inform and inspire
  • Understanding the Islamic Republic's ideology and policies to counter new media
  • Basic security techniques
  • Genres of activism and employing effective methods and tactics of online activism
  • Ensuring safer access to the internet
  • Protecting content and data

At least one guest lecturer from among prominent Iranian bloggers who regularly reports on sensitive topics and who has had personal experience with on-line regime surveillance and intimidation will join the class.



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RT @fatemeekhtesari: من و تو در کنار هم به روز خوب می‌رسیم «کبوتر آزاد» کاری از گروه تارانتیست و مارجی لطف‌آبادی ترانه: سید مهدی موسوی دکلم…
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