Children's Justice Manual, by Hossein Raeesi

Justice is a response to the question, “How can human beings be saved from discrimination and inequality, and how can the growth of human capacities be cultivated?” That which distinguishes justice for children from its adult case is the former’s inability to demand just conduct and the absence of advocates for such demands in children’s environments. Without the power to play a role in guaranteeing just terms for themselves and given a lack of attention to their individuality and position, children’s subordination to family and society has subjected them to a variety of abuses, injustices, and harms. It is for precisely for this reason that guaranteeing justice for children requires adequate groundwork across social, cultural, and legal fields. The global experience with children’s rights and justice advocacy has been accompanied by great strides in the international arena, including ratification of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Such experiences have led to creation of a global rights regime for children.

Justice for children is expressed in codes of law and various legal, social, economic, and cultural norms and practices in a framework congruent with equality, non-discrimination, harm reduction, and provision of safety. Such justice is further mindful of children’s needs in the areas of health, well-being, education, growth, and maturation.

Hossein Raeesi, author of this Tavaana exclusive research work, is a veteran Iranian lawyer. For purposes of furthering legal groundwork in a non-technical style, he strives to make his writing a guide toward determining the properties of justice and just conduct as they pertain to children. This outlines the journey of children’s rights globally while recognizing the points at which they conflict with the Islamic Republic.

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