Civil Society: Theories, Contexts, and Experiences, by Kazem Alamdari

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Civil Society: Theories, Contexts, and Experiences, a Tavaana exclusive book by sociologist and Tavaana instructor Kazem Alamdari, provides an overview of major theories and conflicting definitions of what has constituted  “civil society” and examines the structural prerequisites for the emergence and growth of a civil society. Civil Society features case studies highlighting the development of civil societies and civic action historically. The book discusses the role of civil society in shaping, maintaining, and protecting democracy, exploring the relationship between civic institutions and social movements.

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Tavaana Publications
Kazem Alamdari
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What Tavaana Students Have to Say

I used to think there wasn't much of a point to pushing for women's rights reform under the Islamic Republic, but this course has changed my point of view entirely. While I used to think women's demands would only be answered with the fall of the regime, I am now motivated to take practical steps toward making those goals a reality, even under the current system.
- Neda, Women's Rights course graduate