Computer Crimes in Iran: Online repression in practice

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This report presents a collection of narratives from Iranian civil society activists who have become victims of the Iranian regime’s sophisticated censorship apparatus and its suppression of digital activism. It also hints at the contentious relationship between the growth of the internet in Iran over the past two decades and the regime’s response to it. This will help readers to appreciate and put into context the importance of the Computer Crimes Law, a relatively new element in the Iranian regime’s vast apparatus of tools for the methodical suffocation of civil society and online expression.

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What Tavaana Students Have to Say

I had been using the Internet for years, but my friends and I never knew about its various aspects and risks. Our only form of protection was using pirated antivirus software. After these five lessons, however, my viewpoint has been totally transformed. These courses save lives and spare people from torture and imprisonment. This and your other courses spread the seeds of hope and knowledge in our country.
- Cyrus, Advanced Digital Safety course graduate