Consent of the Networked

In “Consent of the Networked,” journalist, online censorship expert, and digital freedom activist Rebecca MacKinnon dispels the notion that the Internet and communications technology guarantee freedom in and of themselves. In its place, MacKinnon provides insight into the labyrinthine power dynamics between governments, corporations, and citizens in cyberspace, along with guidance on how to structure and govern technology in order to support Internet users' rights and liberties. The book sends out a clear warning to netizens: when governments and corporations attempt to control the Internet without any accountability for their actions, they pose grave risks to democracy and human rights around the world. To prevent the erosion of liberties both online and off, “Consent of the Networked” argues that citizens themselves must take action in order to make new technologies tools for freedom and openness, rather than oppression and control. 

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Rebecca MacKinnon
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