Democracy and Parenting

This Tavaana-exclusive guidebook illuminates the goal of parenting with deep empathy and respect for the developing personalities of children. Using this resource, parents will gain insight into how the values and principles of democracy can be applied at home to ease the challenges faced by both parents and children. Parents will be equipped with the means to support the development of their children’s potential, and the smooth functioning of the family. 
Through numerous examples, this guidebook tackles common child-rearing difficulties using the tools of democracy, not as a political system, but rather, as a set of guiding mores with relevance to all social interactions. It elaborates on the relevance of democracy to family life, and how democratic principles can be used support the healthy, empowering psycho-social development of children. The guidebook builds on the principles described in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and best practices in early childhood care and education, to provide parents with practical guidance on how to best support their children’s development.
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Matthew Hiebert
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