Democracy is Obsolete

In this lecture, Peter Fein argues that traditional representative democracy is obsolete; today, regular Internet users are able to form “adhocracies” in which they use the power of technology to create change themselves.

Peter Fein is an Internet activist, computer programmer and media hacker who advocates for free speech and an open Internet. He works with Telecomix, an activist group which facilitates free communication around the world and has been called "tech support for the Arab Spring." He also sometimes acts as a liaison to the hacktivist group Anonymous.

What Tavaana Students Have to Say

Even though classes on topics such as computers and network security are usually dry, I found this class to be interesting and full of useful information. Time seemed to fly by when we were in class. Although the booklets and lessons are advanced, they are also very clear and straightforward.
- Mahmood, Advanced Digital Safety course graduate

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