Foundations of Democracy

Developed by Civitas and adapted for the Iranian context, this internationally tested curriculum gives participants a deeper knowledge of the concepts that are fundamental to understanding democratic politics and government and is divided into four curricular themes: authority, privacy, responsibility, and justice. “Foundations of Democracy” has been taught to groups and individuals around the world who are interested in building their country’s democratic potential. The curriculum supplies tools to facilitate student understanding, including role play, group work, communication exercises, and other interactive elements while also providing pedagogic tools to transfer learning to others.

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«بادلار ۲۲هزار‌تومان، گرانی، فقر و‌فلاکت،فروش کودکان واعضای بدن،زباله‌گردی و گورخوابی تنها برای کسانی‌ست که حتی ممک…
Tavaana (4 hours ago)
اینترنت ملی! طرحی از شاهرخ حیدری #اینترنت_ملی #سانسور
Tavaana (5 hours ago)
#آبان۹۸ فرصتی بودبرای آزمایش #اینترنت_ملی درجمهوری اسلامی.امااینبار درقطع ارتباط شهروندان بااینترنت جهانی،سیاست چین…
Tavaana (6 hours ago)
4th of July (14th of Tir) was to be #AtenaDaemi's original release day from prison but yet again, new charges have…
Tavaana (14 hours ago)
“40-year Absence of Kissing in Public Spaces in Iran” - cartoon by Behnam Mohammadi, on the occasion of…
Tavaana (15 hours ago)
Message for #SabaKordAfshari from her father Hamidreza, in which he wishes her happy birthday & says her family is…
Tavaana (16 hours ago)
غیبت چهل‌ساله بوسه در عرصه عمومی ایران به مناسبت ۶ جولای؛ روز جهانی بوسه طرحی از بهنام محمدی @Behtoons…
Tavaana (20 hours ago)
RT @TavaanaTech: به تازگی بسیاری از کاربران توییتر از سرویس Twopcharts برای دریافت اطلاعاتی درباره حلقه های توییتری استفاده می کنند. در صور…
Tavaana (21 hours ago)