Interview with Ahmad Batebi

Ahmad Batebi is an Iranian journalist and human rights activist currently residing in the United States. As one of the students who appeared on the cover of the Economist during the student protests of 1999, Mr. Batebi was arrested by Iranian security forces and sentenced to death by a revolutionary court. The resulting outcry from Iranian and international human rights groups prompted the sentence being commuted to 15 years imprisonment. Batebi, who spent nine years in prison, took advantage of a temporarily medical furlough to leave the country. Since then, he has co-founded the Association of Human Rights Activists in Iran and worked as a journalist, writer, and producer of Iran-related news for Voice of America's Persian-language service for several years. After his work with Voice of America, Ahmad Batebi has continued to work as an independent journalist and has also founded the news website Radio JiBi.


What Tavaana Students Have to Say

I had been using the Internet for years, but my friends and I never knew about its various aspects and risks. Our only form of protection was using pirated antivirus software. After these five lessons, however, my viewpoint has been totally transformed. These courses save lives and spare people from torture and imprisonment. This and your other courses spread the seeds of hope and knowledge in our country.
- Cyrus, Advanced Digital Safety course graduate

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