Interview with Majid Mohammadi

Majid Mohammadi is a freelance writer and researcher of Iranian politics and society. He was a visiting scholar at Stony Brook Institute for Global Studies in 2009-2010. Before joining SBIGS in 2009, Mohammadi was an associate professor at Glenville State College, a postdoctoral fellow at Princeton University and an International Policy Fellow at the Open Society Institute. His projects at Princeton and OSI focused on Shi`i Islamism in post-Revolutionary Iran and judicial reform in Egypt and Turkey respectively. He was also a fellow at the Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law at Stanford University in 2005.

Before moving to the U.S. in 2000, he worked in workshops to draft legislation and policies in the area of media and culture in Iran. These policies were critical to improving the rule of law, free press, free flow of information and vindication of human, civil and constitutional rights in Iran. He also taught college courses on politics, media and religion, and was a consultant with a number of press centers, public institutions, and research centers in Iran.

From 1989 to 2000, while living in Iran, Mr. Mohammadi received six different grants from private and public, national and foreign, policy oriented and academic oriented institutions to do research in the area of religious and cultural studies. He has worked individually and collectively on a diverse range of subjects, including developmental values in Islamic thought and paradigms of religious studies. He has organized and managed different workshops and seminars on research topics that consider the experience of people rather than the collection of data.

He is the author of several books in Persian and English, including Heaven’s Ladder: Analytic Philosophy of Religion; The Quandary of Political Reforms in Iran Today; Introduction to Sociology and Economics of Culture in Iran Today; Authoritarian Face: Iranian TV, 1990-2000; Civil Society: Iranian Style; Religion vs. Faith; and Sacred vs. Secular: The Islamicization Process in Iran. One of his books has been translated into Arabic.

His articles have appeared in The Journal of Middle Eastern and North African Intellectual and Cultural Studies, Journal of the International Society for Iranian Studies, Iranian Studies Journal, Journal of International Women's Studies, and several Persian language journals. He is a regular commentator for VOA, RFI, SBS, and RFERL on Middle Eastern Issues. Most recently, he has written for democracy and human rights oriented webzines such as Gozaar (Freedom House), The Institute for War & Peace Reporting’s bilingual Mianeh website, NDI Iran Bulletin, RFI Persian website and The Daily Star in Lebanon.

Mr. Mohammadi received his B.S. in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from Shiraz University in 1984 and his M.A. in Philosophy from Tehran University in 1990. He completed his Ph.D. in Sociology (Stony Brook University) in 2006.

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What Tavaana Students Have to Say

As an Iranian citizen, I might never have even thought about civic institutions if it wasn't for this course. As of now, there is no group in Iran doing this kind of work for us. I give my utmost thanks to you and all of the Tavaana staff.  I hope you offer a greater variety of courses, because our people desperately need it.
- Azar, Iranian Civil Society course graduate

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