Islamic Republic of Iran: Promoting Violence Against Children

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Children in Iran are prone to becoming victims of violence or mistreatment and being deprived of their childhood due to laws and practices which do not represent the best interests of the child. This paper will focus on three areas of child abuse in Iran:

  • Children with their incarcerated mothers
  • Child execution
  • Legalising paedophilia: adoption and a new law which grants the right to adoptive parents to marry their adopted child
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Foreign Policy Center
International Coalition against Violence in Iran (ICAVI)
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What Tavaana Students Have to Say

I am now familiar with concepts which I had only heard mentioned and which I used without understanding their meanings and connotations. For example, I now understand the difference between secularism and laïcité, or the difference between the separation of church and state and the separation of religion and politics, among other things. I will continue my studies of these topics and share them with others if I can.
- Banafsheh, Separation of Religion and State course graduate