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Have you dreamed about connecting with Iran's best and brightest youth?

Do you have an area of expertise that you know would be beneficial to Iranian civil society?

Tavaana is always looking for partners — technology experts, curriculum developers, human rights advocates, teachers, civic leaders, journalists and editors, NGO leaders, women's rights advocates, community organizers, government watchdogs, and environmental activists throughout the free world — people just like you interested in engaging with their counterparts in Iran.

Tavaana partners are good-hearted people interested in sharing their experiences, knowledge and expertise in civic responsibility with civic-minded Iranians.

Perhaps you can envision an e-course you would like to teach, a curriculum you would like to develop, or a webinar that you would like to lead with Iranians. Perhaps you would like to conduct a "Virtual Exchange" between your book club, classroom or grassroots civic group and a sister group active in Iran.

Tavaana can provide you with a suitable online platform, technology support, translators and curriculum developers to help you securely connect with Iran's most talented and committed civic leaders.

Send us an email today if you're interested in supporting Iranians in their courageous struggle to make their country free.

Learn more about our employment opportunities and internship program.

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