Learning to Live with Difference

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“Learning to Live with Difference,” created by PeaceWorks in association with the Anne Frank House, provides a well-formulated overview of human rights that centers on how individuals and groups around the world have been targeted and abused for being different. The overall aim of “Learning to Live with Difference” is to promote the idea that difference is good and that each individual’s identity ought to be respected and cherished. To inspire students to become the next wave of human rights defenders, “Learning to Live with Difference” offers an excellent set of lessons on the history of human rights, genocide, and crimes against humanity, each of which stress the importance of inclusivity, pluralism, and respect for others. By offering engaging activities, assignments, and projects, “Learning to Live with Difference” allows students to react to history, consider their own identity, and debate the merits of equality.
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The PeaceWorks Human Rights Defenders Programme

What Tavaana Students Have to Say

Teaching these courses to civic activists in Iran can enable them to create and maintain civil society institutions. Continuing to train political and cultural activists in Iran can strengthen their abilities and their understanding of their goals.
- Laila, Iranian Civil Society course graduate