Lesson 1: Society and Law: Relationship and Interaction

This lesson is devoted to the basic concepts of legal sociology. The lesson introduces the founding fathers of legal sociology and explains the fundamental dichotomy in this field. It also discusses the difference between law as a system and as a social institution, highlighting its characteristics. The lesson concludes by exploring the problems and benefits of realistic and idealistic laws as well as the process of changing laws.



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2 cartoons by Sanaz Bagheri (left) and Homa Eskandari (right) on the occasion of… https://t.co/kT8RRivYbT
Tavaana (8 hours ago)
"یه وقت حکومت میگفت خبری ازکرونا نیست و همه جا امنه؛مردم میگفتن حکومت دروغ میگه و کروناهمه ایران رو گرفته و اینها م… https://t.co/qOfNFd2grA
Tavaana (9 hours ago)
Residents of Aq Mashhad in Mazandaran strongly protest against the cleric who oversees the province’s religious end… https://t.co/c6p3cDWkie
Tavaana (10 hours ago)
“A Soleimani on every electric pole – this is what the Amir Kala municipality has done. The money of the poor is sp… https://t.co/FnnQQDzhRg
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"The Cybersoldier Army" - cartoon by Reza Aghili (@Rezacartoon) https://t.co/cMFYSFf1eO
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سیر تحول حقوق زن در ایران معاصر این کتاب جایگاه زن ایرانی در جامعه و افت‌و‌خیز تحول حقوق مدنی زنان در ایران را دست… https://t.co/FIKGj84v3Y
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دیگو مارادونا، اسطوره فوتبال جهان درگذشت. #مارادونا https://t.co/DAQXzPTyyW
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جمهوری‌اسلامی #کایلی_مور_گیلبرت شهروند استرالیا-انگلیس را که پیش ازاین گروگان گرفته بود را داد و سه تروریستی که درخ… https://t.co/G2ETq8gBWC
Tavaana (13 hours ago)