In this lesson, King’s College London Lecturer in Politics and Contemporary History Andrew Blick outlines the history of global democratic development and the various theories posited to explain its ebbs and flows. Central to this narrative is the idea that democratic development is a long-term, complex process in which any given country is capable of both improvement and deterioration over time and across different indicators. As no scholarly consensus exists about the tendencies that encourage or discourage democratic development, Blick explains some of the most important forces and the ways in which they have historically manifested. 



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فرمانده ناجا:بدحجابی دربرخی برنامه‌های تلویزیونی ازخیابان بدتر است فرمانده ناجا بابیان اینکه پلیس دربرخورد باناهن… https://t.co/Th5qmftueB
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Seismologists in Iran have for yrs predicted substantial earthquake for Tehran in near future. Lack of regulation,… https://t.co/25rh71Xo9q
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