Tavaana and Heartland Alliance for Human Needs & Human Rights offered a ten session live e-course on mental health and traumatic stress. This course is intended to educate participants on post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and other mental health consequences of human rights abuses, torture, war and violence. The course focuses on both theoretical understanding of traumatic stress and practical information on treatment. This course is primarily intended for psychologists, social workers and other mental health workers, but legal professionals, physicians and human rights activists may also find it useful.



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عقد ۳۵ دختر زیر ۱۰ الی ۱۳ سال در شهرستان خنداب  کارشناس مسئول مرکز بهداشت استان مرکزی: شهرستان #خنداب در این زمینه… https://t.co/BMv59eaUG9
Tavaana توانا (1 hour ago)
Late last night, #RaminHosseinPanahi, a political prisoner sentenced to death, was transferred from Sanandaj to Raj… https://t.co/4JE5F3vsi0
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"With Promises till 1400" new cartoon by Shahrokh Heidari, in reference to IRI rule as 15th century in Persian cale… https://t.co/COoL7K85sQ
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In a brief moment where the driver is unaware his truck is opened, it is robbed enmasse in broad daylight. When the… https://t.co/d2EjH3gYCp
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"It's been 2 weeks since I joined #WhiteWednesdays and I've learned one shouldn't get used to tyranny and violence.… https://t.co/YMjqPckSfz
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This is #Kermanshah. Here and in surrounding region, damage from the Nov 2017 earthquake still hasn't been repaired… https://t.co/4990PoD359
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خانم نسرین ستوده در فیلم سینمایی تاکسی ساخته جعفر پناهی: «اول یک پرونده سیاسی می‌بندن، جاسوس موساد، سیا، اینتلیجنس… https://t.co/WQihEuYdBI
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#شیما_بابایی با انتشار این تصاویر نوشت: امروز به نشانه اعتراض به قرارداد ننگین ۲۱مرداد به دریا خزر رفتیم و اعتراضم… https://t.co/wuWRWeTdy6
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