Lesson 5: Foundations and Requirements of the Rule of Law

This lesson discusses the foundations and requirements necessary for the rule of law to take shape. The lesson compares law-abiding behavior among Iranians and citizens of Western countries, exploring the reasons why Iranians are inclined to violate the law. It explains that law-breakers themselves are not entirely to blame; a corrupt and ineffective system also bears responsibility. The lesson then examines the factors which play a role in resolving this issue.



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2 cartoons by Sanaz Bagheri (left) and Homa Eskandari (right) on the occasion of… https://t.co/kT8RRivYbT
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"یه وقت حکومت میگفت خبری ازکرونا نیست و همه جا امنه؛مردم میگفتن حکومت دروغ میگه و کروناهمه ایران رو گرفته و اینها م… https://t.co/qOfNFd2grA
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Residents of Aq Mashhad in Mazandaran strongly protest against the cleric who oversees the province’s religious end… https://t.co/c6p3cDWkie
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“A Soleimani on every electric pole – this is what the Amir Kala municipality has done. The money of the poor is sp… https://t.co/FnnQQDzhRg
Tavaana (10 hours ago)
"The Cybersoldier Army" - cartoon by Reza Aghili (@Rezacartoon) https://t.co/cMFYSFf1eO
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سیر تحول حقوق زن در ایران معاصر این کتاب جایگاه زن ایرانی در جامعه و افت‌و‌خیز تحول حقوق مدنی زنان در ایران را دست… https://t.co/FIKGj84v3Y
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دیگو مارادونا، اسطوره فوتبال جهان درگذشت. #مارادونا https://t.co/DAQXzPTyyW
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جمهوری‌اسلامی #کایلی_مور_گیلبرت شهروند استرالیا-انگلیس را که پیش ازاین گروگان گرفته بود را داد و سه تروریستی که درخ… https://t.co/G2ETq8gBWC
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