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This e-course builds upon the educational offerings and social media discussions Tavaana has cultivated for Iranian civil society on the status, needs and rights of Iranians with disabilities. Students in this e-course will survey the history and current state of disability rights advocacy internationally as they analyze emerging efforts in Iran. Iranians with and without disabilities will learn about the social and historical construction of disability; social stigmas, myths and misunderstandings about people with disabilities; national and international frameworks for disability rights, from the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to Iran’s Disability Protection Act of 2004; current legal, social, and structural barriers to full equality and participation of Iranians with disabilities and the need for enforcement of existing protections; and the agency and capacity of people with disabilities. Students will learn techniques from successful campaigns such as Russia’s Perspektiva and the Breaking Down Barriers Film Festival; India’s Disability Rights Group and the passage of the Disability Act of 1995; and Indonesia’s Program Peduli for economic empowerment. Students will develop an understanding of disability rights as human rights and gain practical know-how to advocate for inclusive urban planning, social services, education, employment, family and community life and more.



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پنجشنبه ۳ تیر ۱۴۰۰ آموزشکده توانا سوالی را در اینستاگرام خود به اشتراک گذاشت: «آیا در انتخابات ۱۴۰۰ رأی داده‌اید؟».… https://t.co/bwxfOojQeG
Tavaana (1 hour ago)
«آیا عدالت ترمیمی به معنی بخشش و مصالحه‌ست؟عدالت ترمیمی ربطی به بخشودگی و مصالحه بین افراد نداردودلیلی بر بازگشت به… https://t.co/jskikUkyDw
Tavaana (2 hours ago)
RT @mohammadsoltann: دیگه جایی تو این مملکت زمین ارزون تر از متری سه یا چهار میلیون تومن وجود نداره. حالا ج.ا میخواد بهمون نفری دو متر قبر…
Tavaana (2 hours ago)
«یک رهبر، یک ملت؛ یعنی یک سرور و میلیون‌ها بنده» آلبر کامو (۱۹۶۰-۱۹۱۳) نویسنده و برنده جایزه نوبل است. مرتبط: آلب… https://t.co/knQ1mIjZjK
Tavaana (5 hours ago)
واژه دموکراسی و تحریف آن در رژیم‌های اقتدارگرا امروزه حتی دیکتاتورها هم دموکراسی را ستایش می‌کنند؛ البته به سبک خو… https://t.co/FvxrJxDKPA
Tavaana (5 hours ago)
“The newspaper writes hospitals & cemeteries are full. The Islamic Republic is busy attacking oil tankers and spend… https://t.co/SMMxMBcZD2
Tavaana (11 hours ago)
At Raisi’s inauguration ceremony today, Khamenei said solving the country’s economic problems is a lengthy issue an… https://t.co/z500xqvI99
Tavaana (12 hours ago)
چین کشوری است که هم‌اکنون مسلمانان خودش را عملا شکنجه می‌کند. آن‌ها را به اردوگاه می‌فرستند تا از دین و فرهنگ و سنت… https://t.co/8uJ1sTEYds
Tavaana (13 hours ago)