Minorities and the Politics of Culture

This interdisciplinary course, spanning film, music, literature and more, will provide participants with an understanding of the culture of political institutions, political language and the law. Examining cases such as the Basij from a perspective of the politics of culture, participants will learn how both oppressors and those seeking freedom choose cultural markers for their political position. Participants will examine official government propaganda, cultural products, and curricula produced by undemocratic regimes, including Iran, as well as (often underground) cultural products such as literature, film, poetry, music, and art by Iranians and others aspiring for freedom under dictatorship. Guest lecturers from the Iranian music, literature, and film community will provide diverse perspectives on the intersection of the arts and politics. Themes of resistance, consciousness, difference, personal responsibility, trust, inclusion, and political action will be a focus.

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Tavaana (2 hours ago)
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Tavaana (4 hours ago)
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RT @USAdarFarsi: سخنان مایک پامپئو @SecPompeo پیرامون قتل های ناموسی: #رومینا_اشرفی #فاطمه_برحی #ریحانه_عامری https://t.co/BPWYhhMDrS
Tavaana (9 hours ago)
RT @JavadSoleimani8: بسیار مهم، فایل صوتی از مسئول ارشد تحقیقات #PS752 در ایران نشان میدهد مقامات ارشد حکومت ایران عامدانه دستور به باز نگ…
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“The burglary took place three weeks ago and it is not clear why law enforcement and media did not report it earlie… https://t.co/Y9qbjrvot6
Tavaana (12 hours ago)