A Philosophical Critique of Islamism, by Adel Daher

In this exclusive Tavaana translation of A Philosophical Critique of Islamism, prominent Lebanese-American philosopher Adel Daher (1939-) deconstructs Islamism through a study of the philosophy of religion, contemporary Muslim theologies and the intellectual history of Islamist movements. Daher explores three main tenets of Islamist thought: the inherent correlation of Islam and politics, the necessity of God’s guidance in managing social and political affairs, and the limited usefulness of ijtihad (independent reasoning) in the interpretation of the Quran. Daher skilfully demonstrates the paradoxical nature of these tenets and then debunks commonly suggested solutions to these dilemmas, concluding that the tenets should be discarded altogether. Tavaana's translation also features a new introduction by Daher.

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What Tavaana Students Have to Say

The best aspect of this course is that, at age 50, I have just now learned what rights I had and knew nothing about. It has changed my view on life in an extraordinary way, and I will pass this information on to women and girls in any way I can.
- Jila, Women's Rights course graduate

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