Prison in Iran, Where There is Neither God nor Law

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To honor the courage and resilience of Iran's political prisoners, Tavaana has published a selection of their letters written from prison since the 1979 revolution. The collection’s title -- “Prison in Iran, Where There is Neither God nor Law” -- is inspired by the late Hoda Saber’s prison letters, in which he refers to his jailers and his time in prison by saying, “In the conduct of these so-called divinely ordained power-mongers, judges, and jailers, there is neither god nor law, neither religious nor civil morality.”  With these 50 letters, we have endeavoured to bring together in one volume the diverse spectrum of political, religious, and ethnic elements in Iranian society, representing the many thousands of innocents imprisoned without due process by the Iranian regime.  

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Iranian Political Prisoners
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What Tavaana Students Have to Say

I used to think there wasn't much of a point to pushing for women's rights reform under the Islamic Republic, but this course has changed my point of view entirely. While I used to think women's demands would only be answered with the fall of the regime, I am now motivated to take practical steps toward making those goals a reality, even under the current system.
- Neda, Women's Rights course graduate