Roadmap for Achieving the Elimination of the Worst Forms of Child Labor by 2016

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In this roadmap, the International Labor Organization outlines a plan to eliminate the worst forms of child labor by 2016. The roadmap includes principles of action for governments such as legislation, education and training, social protection, and labor market policy, as well as principles of action for civil society and regional and international organizations. More than 500 delegates from 97 countries agreed to this roadmap at the Global Child Labor Conference in 2010. For more information on the elimination of child labor see the 1999 Worst Forms of Child Labor Convention and 1973 Minimum Age Convention.

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What Tavaana Students Have to Say

The best aspect of this course was the true-to-life analysis of Iranian civil society, backed up by clear evidence and research. We were also introduced to workable, non-violent solutions for our civic issues.
- Nooshin, Student Movement Advocacy course graduate