SOPA/PIPA: A Case Study in Networked Discourse and Activism

In this lecture, Yochai Benkler provides a data-based analysis of the online campaign against SOPA/PIPA, its evolution over time, and how different types of activist discourse converged into effective action.

Yochai Benkler is the Berkman Professor of Entrepreneurial Legal Studies at Harvard, and faculty co-director of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society. His research focuses on the effects of net-based information production on our lives, minds, and laws. His books include the award-winning The Wealth of Networks: How Social Production Transforms Markets and Freedom.

What Tavaana Students Have to Say

The best aspect of this course was meeting colleagues who, even though I don't know their names, have the potential to take the reins of a new youth movement.
- Nasrin, Democracy Web course graduate

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