The United Nations Today: Human Rights

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The United Nations Today seeks to promote understanding of the UN’s worldwide activities, and it invites you, the reader, to participate in them. It is meant as a concise yet invaluable reference tool for the seasoned diplomat as well as the interested lay-person. It is designed to demystify the many acronyms that populate the UN system, and to associate them with the daily work performed by UN agencies and entities. It seeks to describe reforms to the Organization, from changes to our peacekeeping operations to rethinking our human rights machinery, while also supplying insights into the forces driving these changes. The chapter 4 of the book is dedicated to "Human Rights".

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United Nations
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What Tavaana Students Have to Say

I give my utmost thanks to Tavaana for these truly useful and constructive courses. In every class I have taken, I have seen students taking part not only from inside and outside Iran but from Afghanistan and Tajikistan as well. I believe that Tavaana's efforts are doing more good for Persian speaking people than anything else currently being offered.
- Vahid, Student Movement Advocacy course graduate