Urgent Response




This seminar focuses on tactics for engaging people online in the context of emergency response. It begins with the basic building blocks: audience analysis, content strategy and action ladders, and then applies them to urgent response using case studies from Haiti and Chile as well as Uchaguzi in Kenya. By the end of the session, students will have both a general understanding of relevant key components as well as knowledge about where to go next to find communities of support for the preparation and implementation of urgent response initiatives.

This webinar was held on December 6, 2012. 

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«رامین پرچمی به دلیل مشکل مالی افتاده زندان و از دوستش خواسته صداش رو به همه برسونه تاشاید دوباره بتونه به جامعه وص… https://t.co/j9SN8iHy9j
Tavaana توانا (43 minutes ago)
#منوچهر_بختیاری، پدر زنده‌یاد پویا بختیاری، با انتشار این تصویر در صفحه‌ی اینستاگرام خود، نوشت: من به عنوان پدر دا… https://t.co/vXnemGvbdq
Tavaana توانا (5 hours ago)
This is how #IslamicRepublic treats environmentalists who return to Iran only to help preserve the wildlife. More i… https://t.co/XNPDJeDJOv
Tavaana توانا (5 hours ago)
"My fears about whether he’d resort to assault or sexual violence if I didn’t want to write anything intensified. H… https://t.co/fbsw3vML9x
Tavaana توانا (5 hours ago)
“Videos prove how the principle interrogator, alias Hamid Rezaei, whose name still makes me shudder, has behaved to… https://t.co/suLO9aXQDQ
Tavaana توانا (5 hours ago)
"Interrogators with hair-raising imaginations repeatedly brought up the filthiest sexual insults during long interr… https://t.co/QTDG4Dx4BP
Tavaana توانا (5 hours ago)
“What caused my complete mental collapse was unexpectedly being shown pictures of #KavousSeyedEmami’s body in the m… https://t.co/gRUH1bR82K
Tavaana توانا (5 hours ago)
"Such things were mentioned as: daily threats of execution, enduring 6 months solitary confinement, lengthy 9-12 ho… https://t.co/1079dLaKKE
Tavaana توانا (5 hours ago)