World: Freedom to Choose, Change or Renounce Religion or Belief

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Human Rights Without Frontiers has identified ten countries among many others where the individual freedom to change religion or belief is grossly violated. In eight of these countries, apostasy is punishable by death: Afghanistan, Iran, Malaysia, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Somalia Sudan and Yemen. This report provides an overview of the religious discrimination and persecution faced by individuals in each of these countries.  

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Human Rights Without Frontiers International
Willy Fautre, Human Rights Without Frontiers International
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What Tavaana Students Have to Say

These types of instruction, with a professional instructor and excellent reading materials, can change a person's perspective on their civic activities. I learned that we have to do more if we want a free and democratic country that respects civil rights and international law. I also learned that we have to keep learning, and pass our knowledge on to others, in order to lay the groundwork for the changes we seek for our society.
- Zahra, Democracy Web course graduate