Women's Unity inside and outside Iran to transition from Islamic Republic

In August 2019, 14 women activists inside Iran wrote an open letter which emphasized the systematically anti-woman, discriminatory nature of the Islamic Republic and called for abolition of the regime. Their letter can be read here. In response to this letter, 14 women activists outside Iran published their own letter in solidarity, which can be read here:

Our good sisters, women activists in Iran,

We fourteen of your compatriots outside the country, heard the urgent tone in your courageous, poignant letter. We know that in the most oppressive and stifling days of the modern age, only immense faith can so fearlessly challenge the misogynist and gender-discriminatory rule of the Islamic Republic.

 Our long-suffering, patient sisters in Iran,

In our struggle against the Islamic Republic's gender discrimination and repression, we stand together and are one We Iranian women outside the country, in longing separation and exile, are an extension of your suffering in Iran. We know how totalitarian regimes secure their endurance by separating social groups and strata, including the activists inside and outside Iran. We therefore must all strive, as much as possible, to form bridges between various sectors and groups of society. To defeat the Islamic Republic and the rule of the Supreme Leader, and to establish a secular, democratic government, we must dialog and come to a common understanding.

14 women activists in Iran

Our beloved sisters,

Know that we offer you our womanly support. Know that we stand by your side. We promise all our experience as activists, and all of our media resources. We will not spare any effort to amplify and spread your voices.

In solidarity and courage,

Nazanin Afshin-Jam

Roya Boroumand

Ladan Boroumand

Nazanin Boniadi

Azam Bahrami

Roya Hakakian

Naimeh Doustdar

Masih Alinejad

Nahid Farhad

Mehrangiz Kar

Sheema Kalbasi

Mariam Memarsadeghi

Azar Nafisi

Leily Nikounazar



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