Tavaana e-courses are provided on a secure, anonymous platform, and curricula are developed and taught by leading international and Iranian experts, covering a diverse array of civil society related topics such as leadership development, democratic institution building, women's rights, activism, digital safety, trauma healing, international human rights law, advocacy, civic organizing, secularism and religious freedom, labor rights and labor organizing, web publishing and much more.


In this course Iranian advocates and organizers for transparency and responsive government, the rights of women, minorities, labor, students and civil and political liberties broadly will gain thorough knowledge of opportunities to press for... More
Tavaana’s pilot e-course on LGBT Rights Advocacy was a tremendous success; our improved and expanded e-course will be offered to a new cohort of LGBT rights advocates, including allies.  Taught by leading Iranian LGBT advocate Arsham Parsi, the e-... More
  Tavaana is offering on a competitive basis project-based mentorship opportunities for Iranian activists, human rights defenders and civic organizers focused on improving electoral processes in Iran.     Successful applicants are matched with... More
The foundational e-course is based on an engaging, comprehensive advocacy training manual commissioned by DanChurchAid. The manual was written for an audience of Middle Eastern civic activists and has been translated to Persian by Tavaana.  This e-... More
This e-course taught previously at Tavaana by Iran’s leading labor leader Mansour Osanlou as a pilot, this e-course will be improved through a team-teaching approach to address labor rights violations in Iran and explore strategies to strengthen the... More
This e-course builds upon the educational offerings and social media discussions Tavaana has cultivated for Iranian civil society on the status, needs and rights of Iranians with disabilities. Students in this e-course will survey the history and... More
This course engages Iranian social workers, teachers, civil society advocates and community volunteers in crafting both psycho-social needs and rights-based solutions to the crises facing vulnerable girls in Iran.  Students in this e-course will... More
This e-course is designed for Iranian civil society leaders motivated to address the persecution of the Baha’i and systematic discrimination against other minorities in Iranian society.  The e-course will begin by bringing to light the various state... More
Targeted to civic leaders aiming to improve the integrity of Iran’s electoral processes toward compliance with international standards, the course will instill familiarity with the principles and rights that constitute international obligations, as... More
Intended primarily for those who have completed the Standards for Free and Fair Elections ecourse already, this ecourse will explore the most promising opportunities for civic action toward legal and structural changes to liberalize elections in... More
 This class emphasizes two central issues. The first is recognition of democracy as a process and method of government; the second is the transition to democracy. If the aim of our society in the political sphere is arriving at democracy, we... More
This course will focus on what creates a democratic ethic of social and political pluralism, including protection and inclusion of minorities in the political processes of heterogeneous, democratic societies, and protection of religious and ethnic... More
Mohammad Reza Nikfar
Tavaana has translated Democracy Web, a civic education curriculum developed by the Albert Shanker Institute and Freedom House. Democracy Web is a study guide for use by teachers, professors, and their upper secondary and lower college-level... More
Saeed Sabzian
This interdisciplinary course, spanning film, music, literature and more, will provide participants with an understanding of the culture of political institutions, political language and the law. Examining cases such as the Basij from a perspective... More
Scott Portman
Tavaana and Heartland Alliance for Human Needs & Human Rights offer this ten session live e-course on mental health and traumatic stress. This course is intended to educate participants on post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and other... More
Mohammad Reza Nikfar
Tavaana's Lessons from the Holocaust course is designed to promote understanding of the Holocaust and, by extension, the threat of persecution and genocide more broadly. The course will introduce participants to the history of ideological violence... More
Mariam Memarsadeghi
Designed for Iranians who either direct an NGO or manage NGO projects, this Tavaana course covers key aspects of building sound admin/finance/security/operations systems, project design and implementation, proposal writing and donor reporting, team... More
Arash Kamangir
The dominant trend on the Web is for tools to be simplified and for settings and the details of their functions to be hidden. A user will log into Facebook’s mobile application only once, and won’t care that their tweets and Google+ postings show... More
Mehrangiz Kar
This 8-session course covers the legal and social obstacles Iranian women face in their struggle for equality. Areas of focus include the Constitution’s view towards women, a woman’s right to her body, freedom of movement, rights in marriage and... More
Hossein Bastani
Many journalists are more concerned with stating their “position” on different subjects rather than researching and using facts for news stories. Even journalists who concerned with “facts,” however, ultimately mislead their audience by wrongly... More
Arash Naraghi
From the constitutional era (the early 1900's) through today, a desire for the rule of law in accordance with the public will has driven much civic organizing in Iran. Within intellectual and activist circles, however, there has been a lack of... More
Ivan Marovic
This highly interactive, network based course, designed for Iranian digital activists, will highlight effective digital activism tactics used by human rights movements. The course will train activists working in grassroots networks on the use of... More
Arsham Parsi
This course, taught by Arsham Parsi, covers the past and current challenges facing LGBT people and examines measures to counter these challenges. Designed for members of the LGBT community, this course teaches participants the most effective ways... More
Simin Fahandej, Golriz Ghahraman, Nazila Ghanea, and Shabnam Moinipour
This course provides a strong foundation of knowledge in universal human rights complaint mechanisms as it raises awareness of international standards, laws, norms and advocacy tools, focusing particularly on civil and political rights, religious... More
Hosein Ghazian
This course, based on the Center for Civic Education curriculum, explores the relationship between democracy and citizens' responsibilities and rights. The course delves into the meaning of democracy, including different democratic traditions and... More
Nima Rashedan
This course covers the most effective technology-based civic organizing tactics, from the use of Facebook and Twitter to crowd-sourced data collection via mobile phones and creative uses of YouTube for disseminating vital content. It includes case... More
Nima Rashedan
This course trains participants in ways to keep themselves and their colleagues safe online. The course covers, in ‘how-to’ fashion, topics such as malware, viruses, e-mail and web browser security, protection from spyware and spam, Internet... More
Nima Rashedan
This course raises the capacity of technology experts in Iran to international standards and equips them with pedagogic tools and techniques to effectively train others to maintain their digital safety on computers and mobile devices. Building on... More
Kamiar Alaei
This course will enable participants to develop an understanding of public health in relation to human rights, as well as the ability to apply a human rights-based approach to the development of public health programs. The course will focus in... More
Ebrahim Soltani
Developed by Civitas and adapted for the Iranian context, this internationally tested curriculum gives participants a deeper knowledge of the concepts that are fundamental to understanding democratic politics and government and is divided into four... More
Mehdi Jami
This course, taught by veteran journalist and media management expert Mehdi Jami, improves the skills of civic minded Iranians already producing web content. The course builds the ability of activists, citizen journalists and community volunteers... More
This course will provide Iranians, particularly support networks of political prisoners, with the knowledge and skillset to safely and effectively advocate for prisoner rights with strong focus on the lack of judicial process and the mistreatment of... More
Mansour Osanlou
This course addresses labor rights while also providing a comparative analysis of labor movements around the world and discussing the role of international labor unions. In this course, civic minded Iranians interested in their country’s labor... More
Majid Mohammadi
Sociologist and media expert Majid Mohammadi discusses the development of various Iranian civil society sectors in this eight week, research oriented course. Topics explored include: The development of political parties, women’s organizations,... More
Nancy Pearson
Tavaana has partnered with the New Tactics in Human Rights Project for the "Five Steps to Tactical Innovation" course, with live instruction in English. New Tactics, an innovative project of the Center for Victims of Torture, has prior experience... More
Mohammad Reza Nikfar
This course links the principle of separation of religion and state to the development of liberal democracy and the protection of human rights. The course explores the history and theories of religious freedom while promoting respect for religious... More
This course will provide an overview of the most relevant environmental protection issues for Iran, including air pollution, deforestation and desertification, and water shortages and pollution, their causes and potential public policy and civil... More
Mehdi Arabshahi
This course, designed for active members of student groups in Iran, gives participants a greater sense of perspective regarding dynamics of their movement vis-à-vis the state while deepening their skills and tools to most effectively engage in... More
This course trains Iranians in safe, effective ways to monitor, record, analyze, publicize, and fight government corruption. It covers ways to locate and target the root of corruption, and how to overcome obstacles within the Iranian legal system... More
Kathleen Schafer
Take a self-paced version of this course now! Navigate through the course modules using the tabs above, beginning with "Getting Started." This course will help you discover and leverage your strengths to successfully lead an activism campaign. You... More
At Tavaana, Knowledge is Power! Tavaana’s Create Your Activism Plan Course guides you to develop your vision, set realistic goals and objectives, tailor your strategies to your environment, craft effective messages and build strong coalitions for... More