Victories over Violence: Ensuring Safety for Women and Girls - A Practitioner's Manual

Violence against women and girls is a problem at both the local and global levels. This guide from the Women’s Learning Partnership is designed to help facilitators and participants explore the linkages between violence in the private, public and global realms, while emphasizing that gender-based human rights violations are ubiquitous and defy cultural, economic, ethnic, political, religious and other divisions. The guidebook contains 16 sessions. Each session contains a case study from countries as diverse as Haiti, Malaysia, Nepal and the United States. The case studies are intended to spark discussion and critical thought about the causes and consequences of violence against women and girls.


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RT @mohammadmosaed: ساعت هشت صبح رسیدم داروخانه شبانه‌روزی میدان انقلاب (مشهوری). بازار ماسک و ضدعفونی‌کننده داغ بود به دو سه برابر قیمت. ی…
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حکومتی که همه‌چیز را فدای بقای خود می‌کند! عوامل این سهل‌انگاری و کم‌توجهی به پدیده فاجعه‌بار شیوع کرونا در ایران…
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RT @BBCNewsnight: "As long as this regime is in Iran, I don't have a chance (of returning)." Iranian Shohreh Bayat, an arbiter for the Int…
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